“Faded from the Military, but not from Service.”
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Why is it good to help these dear military members and families of.

The Dept. of Defense own studies reflect that at over 20% of returning troops will suffer from P.T.S.D., Homelessness or poverty.  Your mission is to encourage and educate veterans on what their potential entitlements may be and to apply for those benefits. You wont be alone and the wilderness is vast.

As our military troops face violence and terrorist threats around the world, it is vital to pray for them and their families.  At a young age, these men and women need the stability of a loving family and church connections.

  Our soldiers (any soldiers, actually), when victorious, end the lives of men, women, children. That could be my grandma lying under some rubble over there. That could be your three-month-old niece whose legs were torn off in her crib when a shell exploded through her family’s rooftop. That could be my wife whose beautiful face is scarred and disfigured because she was collaterally damaged when an incendiary device decided to carve her beauty into a melted visage of revulsion.

  When I pray to God that our soldiers would fight well and survive to fight well again and defeat their opposition (“enemy” is rarely appropriate these days), I’m not just praying that some high school kids would go home Friday night dejected or that another group would have their egos stoked. Instead, when we pray for victory, we’re simultaneously praying that grandmothers, fathers, children, schoolteachers, doctors, and expectant mothers would be killed. Because that is the necessary price of victory. When we are praying for our soldiers’ victory against our nation’s chosen target, we are praying that uncountable masses would have their every worldly possession destroyed. When we pray for victory, we are praying for death, dismemberment, maiming, psychological trauma, homelessness, burglary, and the horrible chaos that must result. This isn't the way our prayers should be!!

  I pray for peace. I pray for the safety of soldiers on both sides of a conflict (“our” soldiers and “theirs”). I pray for swift and diplomatic resolution to conflict. I pray that our soldiers would not have blood on their hands. I pray the same for their soldiers. I pray for the preservation of the lives, livelihoods, and properties of the civilians our soldiers would trample on the way to their goal. I pray that soldiers would seek forgiveness for the lives they take, either out of ignorance or out of knowledge. I pray the haunting trauma that such bloody hands incur would not destroy families at home.

God uses a spiritual form of communication that may seem baffling at first to many people. It's called prayer.

Christ's disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. They lived in a society where ritualistic, recited prayer was common, but it was clear to them that Jesus did not pray in this way. Rather than give them prayers to recite, He gave them a model or outline to use. Clearly, He wanted them to learn how to communicate meaningfully in prayer—not simply to use His or someone else's words. The model He gave them is in both Luke 11 and Matthew 6.

The part of praying that comes naturally to most people is asking God to bless us with what we want! We should feel free to ask for what we need and even what we may want beyond our needs in accordance with God's will. Of course, we need to guard against selfishness. It's easy for prayers to become a list of "gimmes," a virtual divine shopping list.

1. Praise -  If God inhabits (lives in) praise then I, for one, want to start my prayers with praise! Let me tell you, God not only inhabits praise, He is reachable and closer than you can imagine. He is right there with you. Tell Him how much you love him. He wants your praise!

2. Thanks - We have things to thank God for before asking for more! Even if things are not going well we have the assurance that even they will eventually turn out good according to Romans 8:28! We have to trust Him. We need to thank Him for everything. We can think of things to thank Him for if we try!

3. Forgiveness - We will need less forgiveness if we keep in mind that everyone we see is a creation of God's. Are we going to be the ones to say that God messed up? We need to look at each person through God's eyes. We are ALL much less than perfect!

4. Asking - According to 1John 3:22 in order to receive the things we ask we need to keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight. Verse 23 tells us His commandment is we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.

5. Listening - Listen for the answers to your prayers. Listen for other things God wants to tell you. "Wait on the LORD: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD." Psalm 27:14 Wait can mean wait a minute, wait till tomorrow, wait for a few years. God will reveal things to you in His time.

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