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With the growth of high-speed broadband connections, video is becoming an integral part of the web experience. As connection speeds increase, it is even practical to watch satisfying streamed TV or full-length videos online. Special events can be ‘web-cast’ – i.e. streamed live on the Web.

A parable does not normally carry more than one element of truth – it does not attempt to summarize the entire gospel. Frequently, it leaves unanswered questions. Jesus did not add, “and the moral of this story is...” interpretations at the end. Our mindset finds it hard not to add this expected punch-line! But Jesus did not.

Is this a new idea? No, it’s exactly what Jesus did with parables.

In a web evangelism context, short video clips are a strategic way forward.

Hope for Recovery is video describing PTSD, produced by the PTSD Alliance, a group of professional and advocacy organizations that have joined forces to provide educational resources to individuals diagnosed with PTSD and their loved ones; those at risk for developing PTSD; and medical, healthcare and other frontline professionals.


Treva McDanial of the Urban League of Dallas, TX receives the 2013 VFC Community Award and Mr. Gerald Holder PTSD Army Veteran receives a Wounded Warrior medal for valor.

Dignity Memorial Funeral Home has an outstanding program for homeless Veterans that pass-on. They not only furnish the coffins but also the limos and services up to the national cemetery. The event was lead by Funeral Director Mrs. Cindy L. Simpson and confirmed by Mrs. Sylvia Figueroa, VA Homeless Outreach Coordinator. The event yesterday was so honorable and "dignified" that encouraging words for each dear-one was read by the presiding minister (Lt Col Chaplain) Dr. Billy W. Corn - Texas State Guard. Programs handouts were also made by the Funeral Home and the ceremony would be complete with a honor guard and pallbearers.

Southwest Adventist Junior Academy 2012 official school opening and flag ceremony featuring Veterans for Christ posting the us flag. The flag was donated by Debb and Rob Johnson of Garland, Texas with the dedication done by Veterans for Christ and City Temple SDA Church Veterans Ministry.

This is VFC's attempt to video document mysteries, scientific investigations and lifestyles concerning our soldiers. We will explore what is really happening with our neighbors... "The Veterans". We will discover real people, their families and the stories "left behind" in each investigation.