“Faded from the Military, but not from Service.”
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Veterans of all ages

We honor the past. We remember and give tribute to those who served the military in past turmoil times.


Ministry for the Soldier

The soldier above all others prays for peace,for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war

Veterans in present roles

We are proud to see veterans  still standing strong, our prayers and support are with you where ever you are.

Families of Soldiers and Veterans

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By Mrs. Shirley -

By Gary S.-

.... Rob, many blessings to you and your family for saving our home.  It had to be a blessing to me how this worked at at the last minute!! I know GOD is in control…

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Virtual Sanctuary


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By Gary C. -

The VFC’s soldier ministry web pages well represent the [faith] and provide practical information for members to minister to those in uniform and who have served,… excellent. 



This list thousands of veteran-friendly jobs, and sorts them for you geographically. Just pick the district you want to live and work in, and click one button. No other job board is so easy for employers, recruiters, and job seekers to use.


Our feed provides a list and brief description of news releases issued by the VA RSS Feeds.  This list provides news, thoughts and discussions for military related personnel to include information concerning their families.

Veterans for Christ Community Award: Urban League of Dallas, TX

VFC honors the death of Dignity Memorial Homeless Veterans

VFC honors Urban League of NCTX at breakfast 2012

Current or prior month local news from  Dallas / Fort Worth Military, Soldier and Veteran events from around the North Texas area reported on VFC.net.

VFC CELEBRATES: 10 Years in Outreach

"We feel intensely regarding the work in our cities. There are few ready to engage in the work waiting to be done. There are people of all classes to be met; and the work is difficult. But we shall encourage all who have tact and the ability to understand the situation to give themselves to the work of sounding the last note of warning to the world.” Letter 82, 1910.

The Sammie Lee Price  Memorial VFC AWARD

For every man or woman serving our country in the U.S. military, there is a family left behind. We provide resources for families (including kids) of military members and veterans often in need of help and support.

Dallas Governmental Advocacy for Military Personnel Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas Dallas Housing Authority Dallas Homeless Alliance North American Division SDA Chaplaincy Ministry


Legendary WWII Tuskegee Airman - Calvin Spann Veterans Association (VA)


By Sheridan G. -

Robert has been working with me, relating to my story and fostering a sense of belonging spiritually to something bigger than my problems are by asking, "How is your personal life?" Each time, he was listening with care for my understanding, acknowledgement and acceptance of my answer and my importance on being a chaplain and a whole person.


By Nakima H. -

"Rob Johnson is a founding Board Member for the Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas. He played an key role in developing the Vision and Mission of the Coalition. His expertise in Veteran needs helped to establish programs and outreach. He is still a go to Advisor when in need of community resources, programs, or direction. In all Rob is a great resource to Veterans, their families, and Veteran Service Organizations!


Veterans Resource Center - Dallas, Texas

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There are many reasons Veterans can become homeless, including poverty, lack of support from family or friends, substance use, or mental health challenges that may develop or worsen as a result of trauma (PTSD) they experience while serving our Country, for our freedom. You fought for our homes...now we are fighting for yours.

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